A book by Arvid Kahl The Embedded Entrepreneur How to Build an Audience-Driven Business

Instead of building solutions looking for customers, Embedded Entrepreneurs find customers and build a solution with them. They join communities, observe, participate and take these learnings and transform them into products people need and businesses customers love.

When you begin building your business with your future audience in mind, the guesswork ends. The Audience-Driven approach of an Embedded Entrepreneur is the path to a sustainable, customer-centric business.

What's in it for you

Your practical guide to finding the right audience and building the product they need.

If you want to build an audience and monetize it, this book is for you.

Real experiences, real talk

Everything I talk about is something I learned from building an audience and a business in public. No guesswork. No wild theories.

Just actionable knowledge.

Experienced author

I'm an community-centric Indie Hacker with an audience of over 65.000 founders on Twitter.

I walk the walk every day. This book is my blueprint.

A structured approach

You don't have time to run hundreds of experiments. Follow the battle-tested multi-step guides in the book to make the right choices.

These frameworks have been tested and validated by hundreds of founders.

Focused on Twitter

While you can use the techniques in the book on any social media platform, the examples given are from Twitter.

Twitter is fertile soil for building an audience-first business. Checklists included.

Self-contained chapters

Every chapter can be read out of context. You can use The Embedded Entrepreneur as a manual at all stages of your audience-builder journey.

Every chapter will leave you with clear and pragmatic instructions that you can apply immediately.

Notion-based Toolkit

In addition to the book, you'll find the Embedded Entrepreneur Toolkit (on Gumroad). It contains everything I use to examine and analyze audiences.

Hit the ground running with pre-fabricated exploration and analysis tools.

Sample chapter

A free peek into the book

Here is a a sample chapter from the book. It starts with an introduction to Embedded Entrepreneurship and is followed by the chapter:

  • The Audience-Driven Movement

Download the sample chapter

Table of Contents

Here is what you will find in the book.

Download the Table of Contents

The Embedded Entrepreneur Toolkit

In addition to the book, I offer a toolkit for those founders who want to get to work with proven templates right from the start.

It's a Notion-based toolkit that contains spreadsheets, lists, and additional content that supplements the book. I have added several of my own research spreadsheets with my research data to this toolkit.

Here are a few things you'll find in there:

  • Audience Discovery Spreadsheet (+Arvid's version)
  • Bonus Practical Tips and Lists for the 5-Step Audience Discovery Guide
  • Problem Discovery Tracking Sheet (+Arvid's version)
  • Audience Audition Influencer Tracking Sheet (+Arvid's version)
  • Weekly Audience-Building Schedule Checklist
  • Problem Frequency Tracking Sheet
  • Opportunity Resource Tracking Sheet
  • Competition Tracking Sheet

The Embedded Entrepreneur Toolkit

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this for?
If you want to build a business that solves a validated problem for a real group of people, this book is for you. No matter if you're already in the weeds of working with and for your audience or just thinking about it: The Embedded Entrepreneur will guide you along this journey.
Is this book just about Twitter?
No. While there is a section on Twitter, the book also contains tips and strategies for many other social media platforms: Facebook, LinkedIn, Reddit, and many more.
What formats does this book come in?
The Embedded Entrepreneur comes as a paperback, hardcover, eBook, PDF, and audiobook. Depending on the platform you buy it from, only some formats may be available. The toolkit is only available on Gumroad.

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More about Arvid Kahl

I've been teaching my experience on Twitter for years. I have built an audience of over 65.000 engaged followers — and this book was written with and for them. Showing kindness, supporting entrepreneurs, and celebrating my community is my mission.

I wrote two best-selling books on entrepreneurship: Zero to Sold and The Embedded Entrepreneur — and I wrote them in public. Having grown a substantial Twitter audience, I created a course called Find your Following.